Our Waste and Recycling Billing Audit lowers monthly expenses for solid waste, medical waste, chemical waste and recycling disposables, including organics and shredding. We do this by finding errors, overcharges, and other cost reduction opportunities, all without switching your current vendor.

Waste and recycling expenses are often overlooked as a cost reduction opportunity. However, our audits show that 80% of business are paying more for waste disposal than they could, or should. But few businesses have the time or expertise to dig through invoices to identify overcharges or errors. We have waste and recycling industry experts on our team who know what to look for, and where.

Where Do We Find Cost Savings?

We review your service agreements, equipment and invoices to find errors, cost overages and expense reduction opportunities. Additionally, we examine your service agreements for non-hazardous waste disposal and recycling programs to find cost reduction opportunities.

We obtain refunds and credits from past overages. Furthermore, we produce savings going forward.

Our service is provided on a contingency basis. That means that our fee is a percentage of the refunds and/or credits and/or future savings that you realize as a result of our work. You don’t pay us a penny unless and until you receive a direct refund and/or credit and/or a reduced waste disposal bill.

Who is a Good Candidate for Waste and Recycling Billing Audits?

We provide these services for hospitals, universities, large apartment complexes, grocery chains, manufacturing companies, and many other industries.

How Much Time Does This Take?

We actually do not require any of your time. We can actually obtain copies of your invoices without you lifting a finger. So, all we need to get started is your OK.

If your organization is spending $25,000 or more per year on waste and recycling collection services, there are savings that we can generate for you.

Waste and recycling billing audits by Expense Reduction Partners
Don’t throw money away! It’s very easy to identify savings!

Savings via a waste and recycling billing audit begin with a phone call. Request a call today.

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