Why Should Jeff Bezos Be the Only One Laughing? Here’s How to Get Same-as-Amazon-Shipping Rates Every Day.

Now (Nearly) Any Business Can Reduce Shipping Costs

Reduce shipping costs Expense Reduction Partners
What would a 15% decrease in shipping costs mean for your bottom line?

Reduce shipping costs by 15-20%? Yes, please.

Why should the hegemon get all the breaks? There is now sweet relief available on shipping rates for companies not named Amazon. That probably means you.

Whether you are shipping small parcels or LTLs, or both, the huge advantage that Amazon has over everyone else has just shrunk. Now, (nearly) any business can reduce shipping costs and make “Free Shipping” less of a bloodbath for their bottom line.

What makes this possible is a new software plug-in that operates somewhat like a reverse auction for shipping rates, saving its users 15-20% compared to using the carrier’s websites directly.

Reduce Shipping Rates with Expense Reduction Partners
Boxes with smiles? Where have we seen that before?

(Sorta) Like a Reverse Auction for Shipping

This shipping technology captures all the relevant information about your shipment(s), (size, weight, destination, etc.). It takes that data and automatically and instantly compares all prices and options from all national carriers (and applicable regional carriers, too).

When the search identifies the optimal option, the software creates the shipping label and sends branded email tracking links directly to the recipient. This means you have just saved 15-20% compared to what it would have cost you without the software.

The technology automatically finds the optimal shipping option for each parcel or LTL.

Integrates Easily with eCommerce Platforms and Carriers

This free (yes, you read that right: FREE!) software integrates with various ecommerce platforms, such as:

  • Magento
  • eBay
  • Big Commerce
  • Shopify
  • Amazon.com

…and connects with most shopping carts, marketplaces and carriers. It integrates into most ERP and WMS platforms for improved efficiencies. Additionally,  it reduces the need for multiple shipping terminals at your dock.

Reduce shipping costs with Expense Reduction Partners
The shipping technology integrates with all ecommerce platforms and carriers.

A Free Upgrade to Your Shipping System

You can import orders from different channels, and aggregate all your data into this single platform. Additionally, you can apply custom client business logic to each order, while handling specific rules and markups while syncing your orders back to your marketplaces.

The software plug-in works out to be a significant modernization of your shipping system. Did I mention that it is free? There is NO (zero, zip, nada) upfront cost or investment required to use the technology.

The shipping technology to get Amazon-like rates. Free.

Closing the Shipping Cost Gap with Amazon

Did you know that Amazon ships 54% of its packages through the United States Postal Service? Because they are such a big customer (the biggest?), they have enjoyed preferred shipping rates far below what has been available to everyone else.

But because of this new shipping technology, lower, same-as-Amazon rates may be available to you, if your shipping meets certain parameters. If you qualify, preferred rates and exclusive USPS rates with will be available to you that are equal to Amazon’s.

Boxes with smiles for everyone when you reduce shipping costs.

Do You Qualify for These Reduced Shipping Costs?

If your organization:

  • Ships at least 200 packages/parcels or pallets per day, and/or
  • Spends at least $350,000 annually on shipping
  • Is willing to provide the last 30 days’ worth of shipping invoices

…you may qualify for this free shipping technology service and Amazon-like rates.

Want to learn more? Request the Shipping Profile form and see if you qualify. If you qualify, you will save 15% or more on your shipping spend.

S. Boyd Karren is the Managing Partner of Expense Reduction Partners LLC. Earlier in his career, he was a partner in a clothing manufacturing company that shipped parcels to buyers in the USA and internationally. He earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Indiana University and a Master of Global Management degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Reducing shipping costs and other common business expenses is his thing.

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