Property tax mitigation can reduce your taxes due now, and possibly generate a refund on previous taxes paid.

Outside of income taxes, the single largest recurring charge for commercial property owners are property taxes. In most states, owners pay taxes on both their real estate as well as their personal property. These charges are often large and negative affect your bottom line. To be sure that you are not overpaying on your property taxes, we should conduct a property tax mitigation study.

Everybody Has a Hand in Your Wallet

Property taxes have existed in the United States since the colonial days. But by 1900, more than half of the states had enacted clauses requiring taxation of property. Because others have piled on to take their share (local governments, municipalities, townships, school districts, and other bodies) these multiple calculations and jurisdictions have created a situation in which nearly 90% of property owners are overpaying somewhere.

Who Qualifies for Property Tax Mitigation?

Any commercial property owner paying over $50,000 per year in Real or Personal Property Tax.

What are the Benefits of a Property Tax Mitigation Study?

We will generate three immediate benefits for you: One is reducing your taxes owed, the second is the potential for refunds on prior taxes already paid. The third benefit would be a reduced tax burden going forward, which will improve cash flow for the business.

Our experienced team of professionals in mitigation, valuation, assessments, and law will work on your case to identify any potential opportunity for refunds and/or reductions in your current property taxes. Because we perform all the work on your behalf until generate savings, including partaking in hearings and filing necessary paperwork, we act as an extension of your company toward the governing property tax bodies.

A property tax mitigation study begins with a phone call. Request a phone call today:

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