Instant pay for hourly employees is the right thing to do because it helps your hourly employees between paydays, and it costs you nothing.

Instant Pay Helps Your Hourly Employees Between Paydays

Providing on-demand access to earned wages can save you money. Instant pay helps reduce turnover and absenteeism within your hourly workforce.

The cost per new employee hired ranges between $2,500 to $8,300! Our Instant Pay for Hourly Employees program results in double-digit reductions in turnover and absenteeism. We also typically see a 60% increase in job applicants when Instant Pay is mentioned in your hiring and recruiting efforts.

This employee benefit program allows instant access to earned wages, through a FREE mobile app. 

Key value points: 

  • NO COST to the employer 
  • NO INTEGRATION to your payroll system 
  • Advances are 100% funded by our partner 
  • Employee pays a one-time “ATM” fee of $3.99 per pay advance
  • Provides your employees with options beyond high-interest “payday lenders” 
  • Helps employees avoid costly overdraft fees

Because “life” happens between pay periods, we also include a free financial wellness and budgeting tool. This bonus tool will help your hourly workers be better stewards of their money. The app also includes FREE built-in communication features allowing you to push corporate communications, announcements, surveys, and career development opportunities down to your hourly workers.

Offer It Before Your Competitors Do

Chances are if you’re not offering this as an employee benefit, your competitors are or soon will be. If you have 50 or more hourly employees, let’s get you on the schedule for a demo so you can be a step ahead of the competition.

Join the ranks of Target, Dollar General, Taco Bell, and many other global brands that have put their trust in our app to improve the lives of their hourly workers and drive significant cost savings to their bottom line!

Instant Pay for hourly employees begins with a phone call. Request a call now!

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