We work with businesses to reduce the cost of their employee health benefits, typically between 12-25%, and sometimes much more. This is done without necessarily changing your health plan provider. This typically results in an annual savings of $1,500 per employee.

We are not brokers and we don’t sell insurance. Any broker can get you quotes from different insurance companies. That’s not what we do.

Our specialized Third-party Administration team actually write the plans and then controls the payment of claims so that your premiums start low and stay low – usually 20% lower than your previous year’s premiums.

The Problem with Health Care Costs

Health care costs begin with a pricing structure that we call “The Charge Master” – or in other words, a rate card. It specifies the highest amount that a medical provider can charge for services. But, truly no one pays the Charge Master rate.

Insurance companies then provide a “discount” off the rate card. Those are the prices that insured individuals pay.

The cash price is a much lower price to negotiate before receiving services, and come in much lower than an insurance company’s discounted rate.

The Medicare rate is the lowest negotiated rate and the lowest amount that a medical provider will accept for service. Because it is the largest customer of health care services in the US, the federal government has negotiated the best rate of all, the Medicare rate, for the millions of citizens covered by Medicare.

The Secret to Lower Employee Health Benefits Costs

The ability of our team to reduce the cost of your employee health benefits by 20% or more, is based on their proven ability to pre-negotiate service rates between the Cash Price and the Medicare rate. These rates are simply not achievable through a traditional health insurance company.

Let’s Get You Better Rates

Better employee health benefits costs begin with a 20-minute intro call. Request a call today.

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