Who Qualifies for Cost Segregation Savings?

A cost segregation study is a possible for any commercial property owner who has, since 1987, done one of the following:

  • Purchased a commercial building
  • Constructed a new commercial building
  • Renovated, remodeled, restored or expanded an existing facility
  • Paid for facility improvements as a leaseholder

How Much Money Can Be Freed Up?

An average Cost Segregation Study delivers approximately $150,000 in additional depreciation per $1 million in purchase or construction, compared to the traditional 39-year straight line method.

Because our team of highly qualified professionals adhere to the IRS recognized Detailed Engineering Approach our methodology maximizes benefits and assures that IRS guidelines are followed.

Have you renovated, remodeled or expanded an existing facility?

Average Reclassification Percentage Recaptured with 5, 7, and 15-year Property with an Engineering-Based Cost Segregation Study.

  • Apartment Building (20-40%)
  • Assisted Living Facility (22-45%)
  • Auto-Car Dealership (29-35%)
  • Bank (30-45%)
  • Conference Center (25-35%)
  • Fitness Center (22-45%)
  • Golf Course (28-60%)
  • Grocery Store (20-45%)
  • Hospital (28-40%)
  • Hotels (20-40%)
  • Leasehold Improvements (20-80%)
  • Manufacturing (20-40%)
  • Medical Office/Clinic (22-35%)
  • Mixed Use (20-40%)
  • Office Building (20-30%)
  • Research Facility (22-45%)
  • Resort (25-45%)
  • Restaurant (20-80%)
  • Retail Strip Mall (18-40%)
  • Theme Park (16-22%)
  • Warehouse (20-30%)
  • Winery (18-45%)

Because a cost segregation study can apply to any industry, we encourage you to start the process with us now.

How Long Does it Take?

The most important answer to this question is that we can accommodate most client’s tax deadlines.  

Another key factor is your responsiveness. While we make every effort to streamline the process, we will have questions you will need to help us answer.  For this reason, your responsiveness can greatly effect the speed of our study.   

So the answer to the question is this:  We can typically complete a study in about four weeks, but we may be able to go faster, depending on your tax deadlines and your responsiveness.

A Cost Segregation Study begins with a phone call. Request a phone call from us today.

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