Copier lease reviews show that 98% of businesses that lease copiers and printers are overpaying on their leases. We can save you an average of 57% — or $10,000 per copier going forward!


Let’s look at the common costs we find in typical copier lease reviews. In this example, the leasing costs for six machines total $179,819.98:

  • The machines: $39,109.00 or 21.75% of lease cost
  • Usage costs: $72,883.51 or 40.53% of lease cost
  • Profit and “undisclosed costs”: $41,862.61 or 23.28% of lease cost
  • Finance costs: $17,953.67 or 9.98% of lease cost
  • Taxes: $8,011.20 or 4.46% of lease cost

After our audit, your new lease could show significantly lower costs, reducing the previous costs to $127,135.69 (see items in bold that show greatest savings):

  • The machines: $39,109.00 or 30.76% of lease cost
  • Usage costs: $70,183.51 or 55.2% of lease cost
  • Profits and “undisclosed costs”: $3,910.90 or 3.08% of lease cost
  • Finance costs: $10,004.08 or 7.87% of lease cost
  • Taxes: $3,928.20 or 3.09% of lease cost

The savings between the original lease cost of $179,819.98 and the new lease cost of $127,135.69 = $52,684.29! Because we do these copier lease reviews every day, we know where to look to find savings for you.

Copier Lease Reviews Find the Money Hiding in Your Copier Leases

The largest areas of the costs that we can negotiate down for you are the:

  • Profits and “undisclosed costs”
  • Finance costs
  • Taxes paid on the lease

This is where the fat hides. Profits, “undisclosed costs” and financing costs are where the office equipment salespeople really make their money. These three areas can be reviewed, negotiated and reduced in your favor a staggering 98% of the time!

Copier Lease Reviews begin with a phone call. Request a call today! About $10,000 could be hiding in each machine you are leasing. Let’s put that money back in your pocket! And as always, if we cannot find you savings on your copier lease(s), you owe us nothing for the effort.

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