Are you getting cash back on Accounts Payable? You can get 1% cash back with our virtual card payment option. As a result, you can turn your AP department into a profit center!

A Modern Way to Pay AP

Our virtual card solution automates the delivery of all payments due, consolidating and simplifying the payment processes for Accounts Payable activity – whether payment is made by check, ACH, virtual card, or foreign exchange.  Our virtual card solution generates 1% cash back on Accounts Payable every time you make an AP payment with the virtual credit card payment system — which turns Accounts Payable into a revenue generator.

Smart, Secure and 1% Cash Back on Accounts Payable

We’re all about transforming your AP department into an automated powerhouse where smart, highly secure, and efficient payments produce additional revenue for your company. Our industry-leading and trusted platform quickly and easily integrates with most ERPs thanks to our powerful APIs. Because of its intuitive interface, you can expect the best possible user experience whether processing payments or performing reconciliations.

We make B2B payments easy and automatic for any size business so AP teams can eliminate manual processes that slow down revenue growth. So, make global payments the way you and your vendors want them, unravel reconciliations, and earn rebates on qualifying payment methods.

Cutting the Cost of Paper Checks

One obvious advantage of using virtual cards in B2B payments is the reduction of the expenses of paper checks. Research shows that payments by check can cost businesses anywhere between $4-$20 per check. When you eliminate paper checks, you also reduce the related expenses, including postage.

Another obvious benefit to using an electronic payment system is avoiding unpredictable postal problems which may cause lost or delayed checks. Instead of having to void, reissue, reprint and resend a payment, companies using virtual cards have full control of the payment electronically.

In addition to eliminating the cost of paper checks, you’ll earn 1% cash back.

Easy to Implement

  • We provide seamless integration with no downtime or cost
  • Faster AP process offering a variety of payment options to vendors
  • Payment security and revamped reconciliations Measureable increase in revenue stream
  • The best support – AP Certified Relationship Managers

Cash Back on Accounts Payable Begins with a Phone Call

We’ll need to ask a few questions to determine if you are a good candidate for our virtual card program. That begins with a phone call. Request a phone call today.

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