We provide key expense reduction services which provide significant positive impact to your bottom line.

Flagship Expense Reduction Services

Reduce shipping costs with Expense Reduction Partners
Our shipping technology integrates with all ecommerce platforms and carriers.

Shipping Expense Reduction – Reduce your shipping costs (small parcels and LTL) by 15-20% and enjoy postage rates equal to what Amazon pays.

1% Cash Back on Accounts Payable Activity – Ditch expensive, unsecure paper checks for the convenience and security of single use virtual credit card payments. Receive 1% back on all virtual card payments!

Employee Health Benefits – Reduce your employer costs by 20% or more while providing equal or better coverage for your employees. Minimum 50 covered employees (100 in California and New York).

Found Money (Unclaimed Property) — This is not money that is on your company books, but funds that have been unknowingly abandoned or dormant, and escheated to a state agency. We can identify, claim and return that money to you in as little as 90 days, with very little effort on your part.

workers comp refund expense reduction partners
Have you overpaid on workers’ comp premiums?

Workers’ Comp Refunds – 70% of businesses overpay on their workers’ compensation premiums and are due refunds. We know how to get them for you.

Instant Pay for Hourly Employees – “Life” happens between paydays. Providing instant access to earned wages helps your hourly employees avoid payday lenders and overdraft fees. It costs employers nothing and also reduces absenteeism and employee turnover.

Copier Lease Reviews – 98% of businesses are overpaying on their copier leases. We can generally put $10,000 per machine back into your pocket.

Additional Expense Reduction Services

Class Action Settlement Recovery – 93% of businesses have class action settlement money awaiting them, but they don’t know it! If you’re due, we’ll find it and get it to you

Cost Segregation for Commercial Property Owners – We generally deliver an additional $150,000 in tax deductions per $1 million in purchase, construction or renovation costs compared to the straight-line depreciation method.

Property Tax Mitigation – Any commercial property owner paying $50,000+ in real or personal property taxes is a good candidate for property tax reduction and possibly a tax refund.

R&D Tax Credits Expense Reduction Partners
More business qualify today for R&D tax credits than ever before. It’s worth looking into!

R&D Tax Credits – Tax credits for research and development are broader and more inclusive than ever before. Average tax credits exceed $25,000 per $1 million in total payroll, immediately improving your cash flow.

Hiring Incentives (WOTC) – Tax credits exist for nearly any business hiring 100 or more people annually. Benefits range from $500 to $9000 per employee.

Energy Reverse Auctions – Let energy providers bid for your business. If your business is in a deregulated state and consumes at least 1 million aggregate kilowatts per year, there are big savings awaiting you.

Zero-Cost Credit Card Processing – You no longer have to pay to get paid! You can now reduce your cost of credit card acceptance to zero-net-cost, by passing credit card processing costs on to the consumer.

Wireless Phone Billing Audit – Save 25%-33% on wireless services without switching carriers, equipment or phone numbers.

Waste / Recycling Billing Audit – 80% of businesses are paying more than they could or should be. We can reduce your expenses for solid waste, medical waste and/or recycling disposables without switching service providers.

Next Step…

Our expense reduction services are varied but comprehensive. In just a 15-minute phone conversation, we can provide you with a good idea of how much we can help put back to your bottom line as cash back, tax credits and ongoing expense reduction. It starts with a phone call. Request a call today.

Expense Reduction Partners