We’re Not an Expense. We’re “Found Money”.

Expense Reduction Partners lives by the old saying, “It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.” We can help you keep much more of that precious revenue for yourselves.

We’ll help you reduce common business expenses such as shipping and employer-paid health insurance premiums by 15-20% (while providing the same or better service levels you’re used to now). We can even help you turn your Accounts Payable department into a revenue-generating asset, by monetizing your AP spend. Really.

And, with our “Found Money” service, we can identify, claim and return your forgotten, dormant or abandoned funds that have been escheated to a state agency. You will likely begin seeing the return of that money with 90 days of authorizing our work.

Reduce Shipping Rates with Expense Reduction Partners
Reducing your shipping rates by 15-20% with the world’s best shipping software platform and postage rates equal to Amazon’s.

We can improve your bottom line in 15 different ways, including, but not limited to:

Our Clients Never Pay Us.

You’ll never write us a check. At Expense Reduction Partners we earn a percentage of the actual money we save or find for you, or in some cases we receive a referral fee from service providers. The bottom line is that you never pay us anything. We’re not an expense. We’re found money.

Expense Reduction Partners - Contingency-based compensation means we win for you or we don't get paid.
Contingency-based compensation means we win for you or we don’t get paid. There are no trophies for trying.

Get a Savings Estimate in 15 Minutes.

With over 20 years of cost reduction, profitability consulting, overcharge and tax analysis experience, our team can quickly and accurately determine how much money we can find for you and put back to your bottom line.

The process starts with a free, no-obligation assessment. It only takes a 15-minute phone call.

Want to see how much money we can put back to your bottom line? Request a call.